Frequently Asked Questions About Intensive In-Home Services

Does everyone in the family need to be covered under Medical Assistance in order to make a referral?
No, only the identified youth who is considered severely emotional disturbed needs to have Straight MA coverage.

What if the referred child has an HMO attached to their Medical Assistance?
Foundations's staff may be able to help a family apply for an exemption for their SED child to be put under Straight Medical Assistance, if their MA contracted HMO does not already offer In-Home Services.  This exemption will only be in effect for the period the child is approved for the In-Home Program.   Families may want to check with other healthcare providers the child sees to make sure they also accept straight Medical Assistance before exempting their child.

What if a family has private insurance? Do they still qualify for In-Home services?
Some private insurance will cover some In-Home services depending on who the insurance carrier is. However, the family will probably need Medical Assistance as a backup insurance to cover all services provided. It is best to call our staff who can then help you determine insurance coverage.

Are there any diagnoses Medical Assistance will NOT accept for In-Home Therapy?
Yes. Typically any child with only a diagnosis that falls under the Autism Spectrum is not covered by Medical Assistance.

What if a family needs In-Home but does not have any MA and their insurance will not cover?
You can still make a referral to the program provided that the county of residence is willing to contract for the service or the family is willing to pay privately for services.

How much does In-Home cost?
If the family has insurance it may not cost the family or the county any out-of-pocket money. If there is no insurance coverage, our hourly rates are $70.00 for the first master's level therapist and $30.00 for the second team member.

Who can make a referral to the program?
Just about anyone can make a referral. It can be the family, school, staff, county social worker or other outpatient providers.

How long can In-Home services last?
M.A. will review each case, and authorize for 3 month periods, up to one year.


Why does a child need a HealthCheck screen, even if they have seen a doctor recently?
Medical Assistance requires that the child have a specific physical, hence the need for a health screening. It is important to make sure that the child is not suffering from a physical ailment which may be contributing to their acting out behaviors.

Why does a child need a recent Diagnostic Evaluation?

Medical Assistance now requires that every child needs to be evaluated by a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or APNP in order to document a diagnosis, evaluate for medication and recommend In-Home Services.

Which counties in Southern Wisconsin do you service?
Foundations Counseling Center Inc currently serves youth and their families in the following counties: Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Grant, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Lafayette, Rock and Sauk.

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